Horno Ciego

Nave Oporto presents Horno Ciego until June 30

Recently I feel more like a Hybrid. An interdisciplinary soul breeding cross cultural references interlacing concerns by curling memory and moving forward interested in appropriating new formations. The loss of identity is inevitable in evolution and amongst unstopable time, at times I too feel this sense of emotion. The erosion of certain fabrics, values, and ways of life that were once sewn into our communities can be remembered using conscience awareness created through our personal stories. This meaningful purpose of understanding our relationship to the earth and our existence upon it helps us to understand the universe and drive our connectivity to other limits. In particular I find importance and strength in the material that lies beneath the surface of the earth as an organic metaphor to fuse the power of nature with the ambitious gestures humans have historical made creating useful and necessary objects. These objects have and continue to be a form of language that encompass the past with present concerns. Questioning the curiosity of existence, the natural flow of things scientific, metaphysical, abstract and spirtual all together has influenced my visual dialogue and am honest about my intention because it comes from my genetic seeds, cultural background and experiences melted into a hot pot like a receipe. Imperfectious relationships within our innerworlds collide out of confusion and from the lack of focus, an effect I attribute to the 15 second attention span tendency in our multitasking lifestyles. The harmony that is needed to counterbalance the weight of so many interests revert into the simple action and interest in creativity.

Documents, photographs, drawings, examples of materials are thrown together as an instalation feeding the same hunger for knowledge and inspiration to accompany as a statement of the research and time that pulls together not only this project but any project in studio form and within the environment hence being a part of self evolution. Exploring themes of identity, self exploration, memory, metamorphosis, current issues, rural and urban are amongst the ideas worked on to create ilusions of imagination and alchemy. The use of wild clay extracted from the land where my mother is from in the Sierra del Segura and making vessels influenced by traditional shapes and pit fired on the same land are techniques that connect me not only to my origins but to the idea of taking evolution forward with these new formations. I have used photography, being a photographer of many years, as an idea to capture the importance of objects, some old and found, others formed together.

The small rock like figures are Menilite Opals or “natural idols” found in nature and their reproductions in wild clay, yellow bronze, tin and lead.