Ana Nance
Professional Photographer

Now located in Madrid, Spain.

What am I doing today?


Staying home and will slowly return to normal following the healthiest guidelines possible. Covid-19 has hit most of us in a tremendous way and we must find solidarity to help the world. Use your time wisely to reflect and project, organize and create. I have been working with my archive, entering into competitions and creating new collections. The state of alarm caught me on assignment in Costa Rica which will be out soon in El Pais Semanal. I will also be the Program Leader to the Photography Masters at the Institute of European Design in Madrid next year and continue to consult and collaborate with the UNWTO especially now in this time of crisis. You can still find my archive at and follow my instagram at @ananancephotography.


Keynote Speaker World Tourism Day with the UNWTO and Incredible India, New Delhi, India.

“Descubrí un paraíso diferente” | EL PAÍS Semanal

Ana Nance Photography Color Wheel Presentation at DDB Advertising Agency in Madrid, Spain.

Mujeres On the 50 Road: Ana Nance, la vida es el objetivo

Production video of photographic sessions with Laura Ponte as Creative Director and Ana Nance as Photographer.

Video Biography Ana Nance with Redux Pictures in New York City.

Ana Nance Survival