Ana Nance

Ana Nance has been a professional artist/photographer for almost 35 years and has photographed and exhibited in over 100 countries. Numerous awards, exhibitions, publications, campaigns, public speaking, directing, and consulting of which we can now add teaching fill her biography. Born in South Carolina, USA to a Spanish mother and American father she received a B.F.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design in 1991 with a major in photography and art history. Her career started in New York City working for Sygma Pictures as a picture editor and then moved on as an editorial photographer completing a prestigious around-the-world assignment also in collaboration with Leica in 1992 and is currently a Leica Ambassador. After 10 years in New York City with her studio she moved to Madrid and has been based there ever since.

Her artistic career is growing fast. She has been concentrating on conceptual ideas for producing artworks that deal with ruralities and how past cultures are present in a more contemporary sense preserving the rich patrimony we all come from. This focus comes from the beginning of her career in photographing the village her mother comes from in Spain, which naturally took her to other parts of the world to photograph similar interests, and has now brought her back to her roots incorporating other mediums such as ceramics, sculpture, research and drawing. Recent exhibitions include not only group shows but also individuals at museums, galleries, and in festivals. Artistic residencies so far have been at Nave Oporto in Madrid and she just finished a residency at Farm Studio in Andore, Rajasthan, India with an exhibition in Udaipur at Takhman 28 Gallery.

In Spain some years ago she became and no longer a collaborator of El Pais Semanal and Marie Claire magazines where she produced hundreds of assignments worldwide, along with other international magazines, then to be distributed and represented by Redux Pictures in New York City. Advertising and marketing campaigns include Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Visa, Renault, Movistar, Vodafone, and many more. Personal projects include curatorial exhibitions in galleries, museums and photography festivals such as PhotoEspaña, ICP, Art Basel Miami, Paris Photo, the Arab Museum in Madrid and Cordoba, Gaudi Museum and Asian Society in Barcelona, and more. Awards include Female in Focus with the British Journal of Photography, TokyoPhoto, LensCulture, and American Photography. Currently, she is the Masters of Photography Director at the IED Campus in Madrid and has given workshops at Leica Gallery Madrid, HP Worldwide, PHE, Madrid Content School, S.C.A.D. in Savannah Georgia, and the UNWTO in China that include guest speaking in India and Mexico.

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Keynote Speaker World Tourism Day with the UNWTO and Incredible India, New Delhi, India.

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