Visual thinking, designing and leading change. We live in a world of visual messages and sublime marketing through images. In today┬┤s competitive world a company must have a brand and consistently carry it through all of their commercial departments with a solid message executed into all marketing platforms.

Creative and Visual Consulting is advising a company on how to effectively pursue these challenges, growing and sustaining with long term results. Creating interesting and intelligent content with quality and technique not only captures your public but can produce rich culture at the same time. Building a strong image and graphic bank is fundamental so that you have access to your own specific material for publishing whether it be in-house, online, print, television or radio.

As a consultant the first step is to analyze your company, its market and your situation, unless this has already been done. With this data and information then draw up a strategy and plan that fits for you. The next stage is to organize and build. Once you are on your way you must maintain.

Client confidentiality is very important to us. Your information stays safe so that your competitors can not reveal and use your methods. Building each case is different just like each of us are different, identity it vital so that your target knows who you are and trusts you for good and proper business.

Advising our clients through the lens is optimizing your message so that you do not loose time from creative to capital.

As a successful commercial and fine arts photographer of 30 years I have the knowledge and hands on experience to advise you in developing in many areas of creativity. I have traveled to over 60 countries on assignment, worked with major brands and companies on advertising campaigns, directed large productions, maintain a healthy team of talents in my studio, and have created an extensive network of contacts and clients throughout the years. My reputation is valuable and I have grown into this position naturally.

The travel and aviation industry is an obvious market for me because of my experience in working with so many airlines, hotels, travel agencies, magazines and brands.

Creative consulting services are offered on a personal basis depending on your interesst and needs. We can help you create departments, produce material, train and maintain creativity.

We can help you succeed and grow.