When I check in on a plane, the first thing I ask for is a window. A lot of things happen through those windows.

In this case I was on the last row, and as always when I landed I wanted to get off and get out.

All of a sudden you hear a stewardess on the loudspeaker asking us to please sit down until the commander comes down first. As this was not enough reason for us to sit down, she communicated again to tell us that she was coming down first to accompany the soldier below. That’s when I saw all the passengers sit down and looked out the window again.

The photo is taken with a Hasselblad 503cw camera, with a 4/50 distagon lens, and shot with iso 400 at 1/60 F. 4, from the window of a Delta plane at Atlanta airport, Georgia, USA.

Desde la ventana de un avión