Summer of Textures.

The Mood: Project 072019 mostly mauve, hint of mint icy grey and sandy light yellow.

These are images inspired by the new nomadic royals and I take this personal. I have fallen in love with rocks.

“My Family Book Fairy Tale” without the portraits only the landscapes. They are real found moments.

The island of Sifnos and Poliegos have been a mecca for artists, explorers and travelers for thousand of years and I am sure there is a reason why. A magnet of great power sits at its core casting its net only capturing the ones that fit into its peculiar draw. My words are not of telling a story but merely describing the thoughts that come to mind from my last visit. Sometimes it matters.

Violent Waves during a summer time experience translate into a melancholic memory inspiring enough to sit down and let the hours pass by remembering the ironic joy. Nature’s varied textures can be felt at the surfaces of crevices and holes filled half full of water. Vulnerability is beauty. Speechless makes a much bigger noise. She reminds us that we are fragile but strong.

An oval rock holds up the girl who is saving her father from the water’s reflection hypnotized by it’s translation.

I was taken to a place of no return. Energy stood still. The taste of gold with a haze of purple dust cover the pines that shadow a boat filled with people. Jealous of solitude wanting more time to think, there comes a time when one has had enough of the outer world and doesn’t crave too much more.

Slowing down rotating finding order.

Invisible feathers fall from a clear blue sky. Behind the wall is another wall that leads to four other walls. I know they are there because I have been here before. The rain will come again and wash away the shells, laying down a new beginning without the same crooked line.

They never called home